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Thrills And Chills: Seeking Adventure Along the Pacific Coast

Calling all adventure enthusiasts, outdoor lovers, and travel seekers!    Are you ready for an unforgettable Pacific Coast adventure?  Experience adrenaline rushes, jaw-dropping thrills, and breathtaking natural beauty on the Pacific Coast. Hike majestic mountains, thrill ride water sports, and see wildlife that will leave you wanting more.  So, tighten your bootlaces and grab your gear as you plunge boldly into …

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The Immersion

Near the High Divide of Olympic National Park, I entered the sapphire waters of Hoh Lake and snorkeled with thousands of pollywogs. These tadpoles were all squiggling in the same direction: clockwise. I matched my swimming pace to their movement, and together we traveled through the shallows along the shore. Being part of this mass migration was as thrilling as …

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