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The Bears of Pack Creek

I cross the tidal mud flat that leads to Pack Creek in late afternoon, mid-way through a week-long excursion in the Tongass National Forest of Southeast Alaska. Our small group is alone, greatly outnumbered by the bears. Brown (grizzly) bears line the undulating watercourse of the creek on Admiralty Island, seven or eight of these incredible creatures fishing for salmon …

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A Choice

There are moments in life that shine into that liminal space between who we were and who we may be. In those spaces are opportunities to sense the world in new ways. The choices we make are powerful. Camus said we might choose each day whether we want to step into the arena of life or remove ourselves from it. People …

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Dispatch From The Field: A Hiker’s Guide To Wolf Sign And Climate Change

Everyone who visits the Tongass National Forest in southeast Alaska wants to know: have you seen evidence of climate change? As if experiencing climate change was like catching a fleeting glimpse of a wolf slipping through the trees. There is no single moment that defines our experience of climate change in Alaska. Single moments are just weather – strange weather, for sure …

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