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Sea Kayaking the West Coast of the West Coast

The bow of my kayak digs a groove into the sand, and I get out and stretch. Maria sheds her dry suit and takes off running down the perfect, uninhabited two-mile crescent of warm sand. Bruce pokes around in tide pools. I wander up the beach, following wolf tracks. An eagle whistles from the trees. Somewhere in the bay I …

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The Coast is Clear: Hiking the Juan De Fuca Trail

Story and photos by Laural Ringler Don’t try this at home,” I felt compelled to tell my teenage son, as we both stuck out our thumbs to hitch a ride from the coast of Vancouver Island near Port Renfrew back to Jordan River. Thus commenced our family hitchhiking competition. My daughter and husband were one team, my son and I …

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Galiano Island: From Island Paradise to Trail Paradise

Story and photos by Craig Romano Named not for the Italian liqueur Galliano, but after the Spanish explorer Dionisio Alcalá Galiano, who explored this area in 1792; Galiano Island is never-the-less a very sweet place – especially for hiking. Galiano is one of British Columbia’s Gulf Islands, an archipelago which includes Washington’s San Juan Islands, located in the Strait of …

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