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Alan Majchrowicz: Solitude and Wildflowers

Recently I made a five-day backpacking trip to one of my all-time favorite areas in the North Cascades—Image Lake, located high on Miner’s Ridge in the Glacier Peak Wilderness. For me, this is one of the classic views of mountains and lakes in the Northwest, rivaled only by a few other spots such as Picture Lake/Mount Shuksan and Tipso Lake/Mount …

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The Colors of Spring: Bob Turner’s Flowers

I photograph flowers because I love their amazing colors, shapes and textures. For me, they exemplify the incredible variety and creativity of the natural world. Some ask the name of a pictured flower and I normally reply, “I am a photographer, not a botanist.”  I am interested in the variety and the startling beauty, not the naming, taxonomy, wise gardening …

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A Passion for Wildflowers: The Photography of Steph Abegg

One of my favorite aspects of macro photography is its ability to capture and preserve the fleeting details that enliven the world around us: a tiny insect on a blade of grass, a group of gleaming water droplets on a leaf, a row of ripples in the sand, a curtain of icicles on moss, a bright flower in bloom. In …

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