The Art of the Landscape

Washington State is a magnificent land of dynamic contrasts. It is a land born of fire, sculpted by ice and molded by the forces of time. It’s a landscape of diverse microclimates and geological features and expressions that arrest the senses. It is a living painting unfolding before our very eyes. The extraordinary beauty of our state is often close at hand, a short walk off the beaten path, out our back door, or at our feet. It requires only our attentive eyes to see and appreciate. It is literally “what the road passes by.”

Bruce W. Heinemann is a photographer, writer, publisher and speaker living in Anacortes, WA. His images have appeared in Sierra Magazine, Audubon, Outdoor Photographer, Alaska Airlines, and National Geographic, among others. He was a cinematographer and co-producer of a video entitled, The Art of Nature: Reflections on the Grand Design, based on his book, and narrated by Emmy-winning actor, Tom Skerritt. It received The Gold Award at the 1996 Houston International Film Festival for best music video, and was broadcast on over 140 Public Television Stations in the United States. His eighth book, Washington: The Art of The Landscape can be viewed and pre-ordered at The Art of Nature

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