The Colors of Spring: Bob Turner’s Flowers

I photograph flowers because I love their amazing colors, shapes and textures. For me, they exemplify the incredible variety and creativity of the natural world.

Some ask the name of a pictured flower and I normally reply, “I am a photographer, not a botanist.”  I am interested in the variety and the startling beauty, not the naming, taxonomy, wise gardening and complex ecology.  I’m glad others have such important interests!

While a number of these photographs were found along hiking trails or walking in local parks, a great many were taken within a few blocks of my home, in front yard gardens. The use of a macro lens has made photos of small flowers or very small details possible. And macro photography is a technical challenge—very shallow depth of field, coping with shadows and light, small apertures, slow shutter speeds and flowers very close to the ground.  A barely-felt breeze can seem like a hurricane in my viewfinder!

Bob TurnerBob Turner embraced photography as a hobby with a 35mm film SLR and several lenses. He came to the Northwest from flat country to enjoy mountains, rivers and forests—skiing, hiking, kayaking and canoeing in this great land. His photography reflects an abiding reverence for the beautiful complexities of the natural world.



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