The Delta Blues: High above the Salish Sea

Most of my photography is about ‘place’. Much of it is international with the bulk of my photographs taken in regions of India, Nepal, East Timor, and Thailand. Locally my sense of place is focused on our particular part of the Salish Sea and the place where the North Cascade Range meets its shore.

I have had the great good fortune to be able to fly to work from Bellingham to the San Juan Islands for nearly 30 years, usually first thing in the morning, at sun up, and last thing in the evening, near sundown. The light on the water is astounding at either time of the day.

Over the years, I have developed a love affair with the Nooksack River Delta. There is so much power and beauty in that one spot, ever-changing and always inspiring. It is the lifeblood of our community, literally.

Dr. Frank James is active in teaching, research, and medical practice. He is currently Health Officer for San Juan County and the Nooksack Indian Tribe. He has been a Clinical Professor at the UW School of Public Health since 1992 and is currently Medical Director at Orcas Island Primary Care Clinic.


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