Moonrise, Rainier

The Fleeting Moment

In my images I strive to capture the sense of solitude, curiosity, and freedom I feel when exploring the wilderness. Summer is one of my favorite seasons to set off into the mountains. For a fleeting moment, the snow is melting, the flowers blooming, and the warm sunshine illuminates the rugged landscape. My favorite images capture scenes that extend beyond the visual sense, evoking memories of the scents and sounds that such pristine wild places offer.

In his landscape and wildlife images, Floris van Breugel tries to capture the feeling of solitude, the peace and quiet, and the freedom that the wilderness offers. He is most at home making images far away from the ever-encroaching crowds of civilization, and specializes in exploring the wilderness areas near his home in the American West. When not out in the wilderness, Floris works as an assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno. His research lab focuses on understanding how insects integrate sensory information to solve difficult tasks like finding your wine glass. This scientific mindset has had a strong influence on his photography as well, and he is keenly interested in discovering and sharing interesting phenomenon through unique and curiosity-inspiring imagery. See more of Floris’s photography at


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