The Magic of the Equinox: Photography by Buff Black

Of the two equinoxes – spring and fall – it’s the time around the autumnal equinox that I seem to photograph more.  As summer hands off to fall, and the kids are back in school, my ‘backcountry brethren’ and I head to the North Cascades for our annual backpack adventure. It’s an egalitarian time of the year, with all the world having the same 12-hour-long days. Compared to high summer, the sunrises aren’t as early, so tent-sleep is not sacrificed (as much) to capture the breaking dawn over the mountains. And the fall-time color in the American Alps is worth waking up for – and absorbing into camera and soul all day long! There are times when the warm autumnal hues, blue glaciated peaks, and lower-hanging sun frame so well that I can’t imagine the scenes getting any better. Here in the northwest northwest, we have a stunning topographical canvas painted every year in colors aflame. Grab your boots and shutterbox, and I’ll see you up there!

01_Buff Black Portrait for The Spread_1591Buff Black is drawn to both the wilderness and the metropolis. His Northwest landscapes and adventure shots are published in Adventures NW and Washington Trails magazines. Beyond the 4th Corner, his cityscapes are featured in the postcards and calendars of Impact Photographics, America’s leading postcard publisher. At home in Bellingham, his work is shown by businesses, non-profits, the City of Bellingham, and local cafes. Be on the lookout for Buff’s upcoming fall show at the legendary Colophon Cafe, and visit his online gallery (under construction) at

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