The Magic of the Inside Passage: Images from a Solo Sojourn

Water is my element, where I feel most at home. Kayaking is my passion, bringing out the best in me and challenging me to be better. Bringing a camera on my watery sojourns helps me share this passion in a colorful, soulful reality.

In spring 2010, with my world scaled down to an eighteen-foot sea kayak and a 1,200 mile ribbon of water known as the Inside Passage, I launched a journey of the sea and soul that took me both north to Alaska and inward, as I discovered the depths of my own strength and courage. Along the way I managed to snap over 4,000 images: magical moments captured both on and off the water. I was awestruck by the beauty and the power of the places I visited and feel honored to be able to share them here with you. Enjoy!

Adventures_NW-Inside_Passage-2846Susan Conrad is a writer and photographer whose tenacious exploration by sea kayak has fueled her stories and images of the natural world for decades. She’s written a memoir about her 1,200-mile solo sea kayak expedition to Alaska. Read an excerpt here.  Visit her website here.


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