The Many Moods of Winter: The Photography of Mark Turner

Adventures-NW-Mark-Turner--16Northwest winters have many moods. Gray on gray blizzards famously dump deep snow around Mount Baker, but then we awaken to magical sunshine. Blue sky reflects off sparkling snow, revealing trees morphed into Seussian forms and accessible only by ski or snowshoe. Down near the Salish Sea I find frost the morning after a cold snap. Cottonwood buds and rose hips call for close examination. I’ve been poking around our corner of the country for over 20 years, drawn to winter’s wonders as much as to summer. There’s something about the quiet, the solitude, the simplified palette that I find appealing. Time to head out again. Even familiar subjects look different on each visit.   Mark Turner is a Bellingham portrait, nature, and garden photographer. He is the photographer of the books Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest, Bellingham Impressions, the forthcoming Trees & Shrubs of the Pacific Northwest, and the smartphone app Washington Wildflowers. His photography has been published nationally for 20 years. Visit his website here.

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