Thin Air and Rich Light: The Mountain Photography of Jason Griffith

Although I grew up on the west side of the Cascade Range, I didn’t really start getting serious about the mountains until I was at the University of Washington in the mid-90’s. As I started hiking, then scrambling, then climbing, I was (and still am) drawn north. The North Cascades have probably the best mountaineering in the lower 48, but they are just the head of a grand parade of aesthetic peaks, massive glaciers, and trackless brush extending all the way to Alaska. No matter my age, fitness, or risk tolerance, there remains the mystery of what is beyond that next ridge, luring me on.

Jason Griffith is a fisheries biologist who would rather be hiking towards a summit than walking along the river. When he isn’t fiddling with his camera to slow his climbing partners, Jason lives in Mount Vernon with his wife and two boys. Visit him at


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  1. Wonderful pictures Jason

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