Top 4 Destinations for Your Next Cycling Adventure

Top 4 Destinations for Your Next Cycling Adventure

‘The best way to explore the world and have fun like you’re playing lottery games using Michigan Lottery promo code  – is to go on a real adventure. Cycling offers limitless opportunities for modern-day adventures. Everyone is looking for new destinations and trails to explore.

If you are passionate about traveling and also love cycling, you can combine these into a memorable and unique adventure, exploring the world and enjoying the ride. Here are some world-class destinations to consider for your next cycling adventure.

  1. Peru

Mach Picchu. Photo by Pedro Szekely


You are never going to get tired of Peru. You are going to love the well-known cities of Cusco and Lima and the lesser-known north. Don’t miss the innovative food scene, an unexpected delight. This South-American haven is so much more than hiking to the ruins. In order to explore the ethereal beauty of Peruvian nature, you really should go biking.

Cusco. Photo By Murray Foubister

Perhaps the best cycling tour is found at Sacred Valley. As you cycle through the pristine Andean landscape, you’ll be awed by its beauty. A note of caution: this route attracts a lot of cycle enthusiasts. In case, you are looking for a quieter tour, check out the Quarry Trail, the “back way” to Macu Picchu.


  1. Jordan

Wadi Rum


This might not be the destination you consider when you think of a cycling adventure. However, the Bedouin locals, the beautiful desert, and the amazing historic sites will definitely make it a memorable trip. Visiting Wadi Rum, Petra and the Dead Sea on your cycle are not to be forgotten.

The trip starting from Shobak to Little Petra is perhaps the best. This is going to take you through the mountains overlooking Jordan Valley. It will come to an end at the Seven Wonders Camp. Another underrated but beautiful cycling tour is through the stunning city of Jerash.


3. Sri Lanka

Ancient temples, warm local people, hilly terrain, and more make Sri Lanka one of the top cycling destinations yet to be “discovered.” This country is definitely going to leave you spellbound.

The beaches are the highlight of this country. You can start your cycle tour from Bogawantalawa and then proceed on to Balangoda. This is one of the stretches that you will come across in this country. The tea plantations, the pine forest, and the chance to see rehabilitating elephants: what more can one ask for?


  1. Bali

This is the ideal destination for leisure lovers, as well as active adventurers. This country has something for everyone. Starting from Ubud’s lush hills to Lovina’s sandy beaches, this country is simply stunning. And the best way to do justice to this beauty is to explore it on a bike.

On a cycling trip of Bali, you will find yourself awed both by the beautiful scenery and the amazing culture that this island is known for. It is truly a place apart.

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