Travel and Surf: Things to Consider Before Hitting the Waves

It is no secret that one of the most fulfilling experiences is to travel the world and enjoy your passion at the same time. There are some fortunate people – from businessmen and women to travel writers and bloggers – who savor all the perks of seeing the beauty of earth while earning a decent living along the way. On the flipside, there are certain individuals who travel simply to nourish their souls and appreciate life as a whole.

In essence, surfers fall under both categories. On one hand, there are professionals who travel from country to country for important events such as World Surf League sponsored events, and simple meets. On the other, beginners to casual surfers go around the globe in search of challenging waves, as well as new friends. These are just some of the reasons why you – regardless of skill level – might seriously take up this water sport.

Adventures_NW_SurfJust like any athlete, the lifestyle of a surfer involves hours and hours of practice, heaps of patience, and, of course, loads of fun. Part of this – especially for advanced surfers – also entails discovering and traveling to the biggest breaks in the world, according to Stab Mag. For all intents and purposes, this is somewhat the easiest part of the sport – particularly if you live near a body of water that offers this type of challenge. All you have to do is invest in decent gear, states Mpora and drive up to the nearest surfing destination. However, to really maximize all of this water sport’s benefits, you should add traveling to the equation and book a flight out of your comfort zone.

Indeed, airline travel presents a different kind of test, even for the most passionate of surfers. There are plenty of issues ranging from the availability and reliability of airport parking to the baggage restrictions of different airline companies. One way to get around these tasks is just to come in ready. In terms of saving time and finding a spot for your car, finance website, Money Saving Expert, says: “The earlier you book your airport parking, the more you’re likely to save.” The key to this provision will always be comparing and preparing.

Now when it comes to allowable airline baggage dimensions, industry experts Parking4Less published a blog post that talks about how to avoid additional charges when traveling on those popular promo tickets. The latest permitted cabin baggage dimensions, according to the postBeware of Cheap Flights Extra Costs, are 50cm x 40cm x 20cm; reasonable for surfers who generally have light carry-ons.

Logically speaking, traveling surfers have to compensate a little extra for their boards and luggage. Nevertheless, these tiny investments will definitely be worth it once you’ve touched down, waxed your board, and surfed on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Add in the sensory delights of being at one with nature, and you’re already riding the waves towards total satisfaction.

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