Variations on a Theme of Wonder

I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for 32 years, giving me time to study it, finding unparalleled variety and wonder everywhere I look.

From glacier-clad mountains, to the forests growing on their flanks and down to the lowlands—where they’ve been allowed to survive without logging, to the details within those forests, to our magnificent coastline, and even to the geometric wonders found in our urban downtown areas, there is something for everyone.

Somehow, I am drawn to each of these diverse elements, not in the same way, but drawn to all, nonetheless.

Bruce Barnbaum’s photographic career began in 1970. He’s authored eight books and monographs (with another book coming soon), teaches photography workshops in the U.S. and abroad, and has photographs in museums, galleries and private collections worldwide. All of his black & white work is traditionally created, using film and standard darkroom. Visit his website at


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