Vladimir Kostka’s Grace Notes

Growing up in Czechoslovakia, I received my first camera at a very early age. Viewing the world through the lens of the camera and creating black and white prints became my first love. Before moving to Canada, I found inspiration and honed my eye on travels to over 50 countries around the globe.

I think of myself as a composer, seeking just the right notes to emerge with subtle grace—revealing, by degrees, a highly personal vision of the world. From grand landscapes to the minutia and detail of a single leaf, I try to evoke a sense of connection, community and place with my images and to express my passion for life and landscapes, capturing beauty in unexpected places.

Vladimir Kostka is an international fine art and landscape photographer living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia. His photography captures the beauty of life and landscapes across the globe and is featured in galleries and art stores in Vancouver as well as online at vladimirkostka.com.


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