Welcoming the Spring Tide

It has been a long and winding road to my destination. As each year passes, I become more convinced that photography chose me.

Just as the persistence of dripping water hollows out stone, creative photography relentlessly knocked at my door. She became my center, my true north, my addiction, and my gravity. Without her presence, at times, I sense a form of spiritual starvation.

I have been blessed with a bountiful collection of tools and powers, each greater than myself. They bring me water when I thirst. They pick me up when I fall. They share their ideas unconditionally and allow me to transcend my earthly bounds. I eternally honor their presence. When I create, I find the simplest form of gratitude.

Mark Bergsma has been making photographs for more than 40 years. Creating art from nature was his original goal back then and it still plays a heightened role in his work today. His photographic journey has had a profound effect on his life. Visit him at markbergsma.com

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