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Why Hiking is Good for the Soul

Whether you’re taking in some stunningly beautiful brown bears or watching the sun come up on a mountain range, hiking can be a magical experience. It certainly isn’t for everyone, although many people have absolutely no idea what they’re missing out on.

To some, the idea of trekking up a hill doesn’t hold much appeal but the view from the top is what it is all about for others. Sadly, that can be ignored by certain sections of society who would rather get their kicks from adventure online slots for gamers in Canada or the latest Netflix series everyone’s talking about. For the rest of us, hiking transcends many of those other alternatives. Not only is it a workout that provides the body with some much-needed exercise for our muscles, but it’s also good for us in numerous ways as it gets our heart rate up and improves our overall physical and mental health.

Hiking has a range of other benefits too. All of them contribute towards being good for the soul, as millions of people all around the world are continually finding out. With that in mind, here is a look at some of the main reasons why hiking is good for the soul.

Hiking Clears the Mind and Reduces Stress

Working a full-time job and bringing up a family can take its toll on even the strongest of people. Stress, tiredness and anxiety are just some of the issues people can experience daily, therefore making the need to wind down a very real one. Going for a hike is a great option in that respect. It reduces your blood pressure and cortisol levels, something that the calming surroundings and immersive experience in nature can offer in abundance.

Hiking Improves Sleep Quality

According to research, climbing or walking on uneven terrain uses 28% more energy than if we were to walk on even, more flat ground. Essentially, hiking is hard work at times and allows us to burn off energy and use parts of the body that we might not use on a daily basis. As a result, it can leave us feeling a sense of accomplishment and gratitude once we return home from a memorable walk.

Hiking can Improve your Memory

Nature and its natural beauty are said to help improve the memory. Studies that reach this conclusion are becoming more readily accepted. So if you want to win that trivia contest, try hiking before-hand.

Hiking can Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Exercise, in general, is ideal for reducing levels of anxiety and depression, but hiking can go that one step further by quietening the mind and helping you reach a meditative state as you take in mouthwatering surroundings and enjoy everything that outdoor life has to offer.

Photo by Andrei Tanase


Hiking can Make us feel Generous

Immersing ourselves in nature and everything the great outdoors has to offer can result in increased our sense of well-being,  which in turn can lead to increased positive emotions and a renewed appreciation for this wonderful planet we live on, resulting in generosity and kindness to those around us in the process.

A Chance to Reflect

Going for a hike alone or with a close friend allows us to switch off and have a chance to reflect on life away from the stresses of  home. You might be not feeling yourself or sensing a decline in your mental health, which is why having a moment to yourself in a beautiful setting can help you clear your mind and identify potential solutions.

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