Your Own Tour De France: Cycling Europe’s Magical Bike Route

Cycling in the south of France is a bucket-list experience for many avid cyclists. A leisurely weekend spent pedaling your own “Tour de France” is sure to be one that you’ll remember for years and offers myriad opportunities to slow down, unwind and smell the flowers

Before starting your weekend through Southern France’s endless fields and vineyards, it’s important that you feel comfortable on your bike in order to savor the essential pleasures of this world-class experience. Wearing a light t-shirt and shorts with zip pockets – travelling light – ensures a relaxing and enjoyable tour. Sunglasses, especially during summer and early autumn, are a must. And of course, you should take lots of opportunities to get off your bicycle and stretch your leg and back muscles. Enjoy a walk, take in the magical setting and have a camera at the ready.

Clipboard03-2Monte Carlo, situated at the base of the Maritime Alps, is a great place to start your journey on the southern coast of France. Near the western end of the quarter is the world-famous Hotel de Paris, the Café de Paris and the Salle Garnier. Not far from there is the Place du Casino, where Daniel Craig alias James Bond made his bet. If you don’t have time to pay a visit to one of these casinos, you can always have a rest and bet on one of the best online casinos directly from your mobile.

The outstanding blues of the Mediterranean and the gorgeous red rocks of the coastal mountains along with the beaches of Frejus, Saint-Raphaël and Cannes are enchanting.

Don”t miss the pretty little towns of Sainte-Maxime and Saint-Tropez (which became popular thanks to Brigitte Bardot), a charming village facing a harbor containing some of the world’s biggest and most opulent yachts.

Clipboard01-2The route between Saint-Raphaël and Cannes (the city that hosts the legendary film festival every year) mostly travels along the seaside cliffs of the Esterel Mountains. You won’t be the only bike if you are riding on a weekend so always keep an eye on the road! You will be on the highway and after a flat start, the route becomes rolling, then climbs to 90 meters, and then becomes flat again near Cannes. Beaches here gleam with glittering red sand.

Spending a night in the centre of Cannes can be expensive, but convenient if you love walking along the Croisette or on Rue d’Antibes, the main shopping street.

When your magical weekend is over you’ll be tired but nourished by some of the most beautiful scenery that Europe has to offer.

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