Zion in Winter

Let’s face it: In summer, Zion National Park is a zoo. Truth be told, it’s jam-packed in late spring and autumn too. But in winter and early spring, one can still find quiet in this majestic jewel of the National Park System.

Zion, of course, is located in southwestern Utah among other numerous marquee destinations on the Colorado Plateau like Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon. Visiting this area is a road tripper’s delight and the hiking is awe-inspiring.

Snow falls here in the winter months, and while it lingers at the higher elevations above the canyon floor, it generally is fleeting down beside the Virgin River. A fresh frosting of sparkling snow on the red rocks is a treat for the eyes—and the soul.  The possibility of solitude amplifies the bliss.

Temperatures can be relatively warm (50-60 degrees) in the daytime but dip well below freezing at night so bring your warm woolies. A section of Watchman Campground is open all year and on a cold, clear night the stars are hallucinatory.


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