Floris van Breugel

The Fleeting Moment

In my images I strive to capture the sense of solitude, curiosity, and freedom I feel when exploring the wilderness. Summer is one of my favorite seasons to set off into the mountains. For a fleeting moment, the snow is melting, the flowers blooming, and the warm sunshine illuminates the rugged landscape. My favorite images capture scenes that extend beyond …

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Autumn Colors: The Photography of Floris van Breugel

Autumn is perhaps the most wonderful time to be in the mountains, especially the North Cascades. Many of the sub-alpine hillsides (between 5,000 and 7,000 feet or so) are covered in berry bushes, and around mid- to late-September the berries ripen into heavenly little treats. These are Cascade Bilberries. They have one of the more appropriate Latin names I’ve come across: Vaccinium …

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