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Finding Gold on Mt. Shuksan

Minutes are just the tick of a clock, all-encompassing and then gone forever. The accumulation of these moments defines our lives and who we are; they are the ingredients that make up our story. Wherever I stand in the world, from the streets of Berlin to the peaks of New Zealand or with the Indian Ocean washing upon my feet …

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A Quiet Night in Winter’s Embrace

The snow itself is lonely or, if you prefer, self-sufficient. There is no other time when the whole world seems composed of only one thing and one thing only.  – Joseph Wood Krutch As always, the process of choosing a destination was a struggle. We had finagled a weekend where our party of five could all get away together for …

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The Black (and White) Magic of Dennis Walton

by Dennis Walton The scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest enthralls me. This splendor is what brought me here to live. The colors and patterns of the landscapes give even the most casual photographer the opportunity to take memorable landscape photographs. Recently I have become enamored with a more classic view of the mountains – black and white images. Using …

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Ruth Mountain Blues: Father & Son Find the Summit

Story by Doug Emory Photos courtesy Randy Leifson & Chris Mackersie My son, Nathan, just started college last fall, working on a degree in performance music. If music doesn’t pan out for him, though, he has one standup routine that will carry him through a set at the Comedy Club. I’ve heard him rehearse this act a dozen times, telling it with …

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